Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science

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Faculty members in this department is taking charge of the education at electronic system course in the Cluster 2 of Engineering.
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Semiconductor Electronics & Integration Science Group

NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
HIGASHI, Seiichiro
東 清一郎
Research on thin-film materials and devices for large area electronics such as solar cells and flat panel displays. Thin Film Materials and Devices Engineering sehiga@---
花房 宏明
Technology development for Next-Next Generation devices.Discoveries are from original system and motivation. We try to lead the Green-Clean Energy technology by study of process development and device applications.   hanahus@---




NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
吉川 公麿

Characterization and modeling of electron devices, passive devices, and interconnects.

Circuit theory and its application to circuit design and measurement.

Device modeling and circuit design amakawa@---   

NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
藤島 実
We are studying millimeter-wave and terahertz CMOS integrated circuits realizing a ultrahigh-speed communication of tens of gigabit per second, and also studying the applied systems for an access net and a mobile terminal. Ultrahigh-speed mobile communication fuji@---
SASAKI, Mamoru
佐々木 守
Analysis, synthesis and design of architecture and RF circuit in CMOS technology. High-speed transceivers for wireless and wired communications between LSI chips. Development of design method combining communication, mount and circuit technique. Integrated Systems msasaki@---  
YOSHIDA, Takeshi
吉田 毅
System architecture and circuit design for the Brain Machine Interface and the Sensor Systems. Design for low-power high-precise analog circuit. Frontier Integrated Systems tyoshida@dsl.---  

Integrated Systems  


NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
KIKKAWA, Takamaro
吉川 公麿
(1) Wireless Transceiver Integrated Circuits for 3D Integration
(2) Electromagnetic Wave Propagation for Early Breast Cancer Detection
(3) Materials Science and Engineering for Integrated Circuits
Integrated Circuits Technology kikkawat@---

NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
横山 新
Research of on-chip optical interconnection which overcome the performance limit of metal interconnection and optical biosensor utilizing optical resonator and integrated circuit technology. On-chip optical interconnection,
Integrated optical biosensor
Fabrication of new functional devices and exploring new physics and their application. Development of both the top down and bottom up fabrication processes for nanostructures. Nanodevice physics and techniques anakajima@---

NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
マタウシュ,ハンス ユルゲン
Flexible and intelligent information-processing systems based on memories with fast, low-power data-access and pattern-matching functionality as well as multi-port capability. Architecture and circuit technologies for LSIs, which realize learning and recognition capability. Research on the design of functional memories and their applications hjm@---
KOIDE, Tetsushi
小出 哲士
Architecture and circuit technologies for LSIs, which realize real-time motion-picture processing. Systems for flexible and intelligent information-processing based on reconfigurable logic-in-memory architecture approaches. Intelligent Integrated Circuits Engineering koide@---

NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
IWASAKA, Masakazu
IWASAKA, Masakazu
Research on optical, electric and magnetic properties of biogenic crystals and living cells in tissue engineering.
Electromagnetic manipulation of biological materials in integrated circuits for biomedical science and biotechnology.
Nano-Bioelectromagnetics Engineering iwasaka@--- -


NameResearch TopicsResearch FieldEmailHP
MIYAKE, Masataka
三宅 正尭
Model development of a power semiconductor device "Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)" for eco-friendly vehicles. Compact modeling of power semiconductor devices for circuit design masataka-miyake@---